BHS Reader’s Edition Insert (Bookmark)

The new BHS Reader’s Edition has an insert (or bookmark) with a guide for the parsing code on it, as well as a list of the most frequent verbs not parsed in the apparatus.

You can download a free PDF of the insert HERE or from Hendrickson’s webpage. The link is the one marked ‘Operation Manual’ at the bottom of the Hendrickson webpage.


4 thoughts on “BHS Reader’s Edition Insert (Bookmark)

  1. Dr. Athas,
    I received my copy in the mail today and it’s absolutely beautiful. Even after we learn the 2100 or so words in Landes, there are still plenty more to learn and this Bible speeds that process up dramatically. The typeset is beautiful, and I’m particularly happy for the choice to use G stem, D stem instead of Qal, Piel, et. al. and “prefixed” instead of “imperfect.” Thanks so much for your efforts!

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