Papyrus Birminghamensis (at least that’s what I’m calling it)

A small papyrus amulet featuring a verse from Acts of the Apostles has been discovered in a collection of papyrii in Birmingham, England. First reports are that it derives from 4th century Egypt. The report below is from the University of Birmingham, taken from Jim West’s blog.

Zwinglius Redivivus

Big news in the world of New Testament manuscript discoveries:

lincoln-blumell-Cropped-257x193A papyrus witness to the Greek New Testament has been discovered in the Cadbury Research Library of the University of Birmingham.

Following an initial visit last year, a team from Brigham Young University, headed byProfessor Thomas Wayment and Professor Lincoln Blumell, is visiting Birmingham this week to make an inventory of the uncatalogued papyrus fragments held by the University.

We are delighted to welcome them back to Birmingham, and on Tuesday morning they presented their findings at that point to staff and students at the ITSEE research seminar (pictured right). A number of the papyri originate from Oxyrhynchus, featuring references to towns and bishops in that area of Egypt.

On Tuesday afternoon, following the seminar, Lincoln contacted ITSEE to say that he had just identified a papyrus featuring text from the New Testament in the Birmingham collection…

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