Theological College and the New People of God

Over January I was privileged once more to teach at the summer school of George Whitefield College in Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve written a short blog piece for them titled Theological Education and the New People of God.

BeFunky_diversity-1.jpg-53029_213x213The new academic year is upon us. In my brief visit to GWC for the annual language Summer School, I’ve seen new students arrive, as well as old students and faculty return. One of the joys in this is seeing the diversity of people coming to the college. I’m reminded that when the gospel is preached, the Spirit draws people from all nations into Christ’s church to the glory of God the Father.

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4 thoughts on “Theological College and the New People of God

  1. Thanks, George, for this summary. I am teaching through Vaughn Roberts’ God’s Big Picture on Sunday Mornings to an adult class. I just posted your article to our class FB site. I have one question about the word “church.” I think Donald Robinson did a study once on the usage of “church” in the NT and concluded that it was more precise from a NT usage standpoint to refer to a local congregation as a “church” rather than using the term as a synonym for the people of God in the new covenant. When you equate “the Church” with “the people of God,” do you have in mind the gathered assembly in heaven in which believers participate when they gather as “two or three”? Or do you think the concept is flexible enough to refer more broadly to the people of God in general. Perhaps more of a systematic vs. biblical theological usage?
    Thanks again!

    • In this blog article, I have in mind the wider people of God. I agree with Robinson’s view about the local congregation, but I also think there is sufficient scope in Scripture to talk about both Church as congregation and Church as the singular people of God in all ages.

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