‘Depression is Black’

I personally don’t suffer from clinical depression, but I know many people who do. And I’ve come to realise just how heavy a burden it is for those who suffer from it. It’s often very difficult for folk to articulate what they’re experiencing, and even more difficult for some to open up about it.

Here’s something a friend of mine has written in reflecting on the dark experience of depression. I thought it packed quite a punch. I’m posting it here with my friend’s permission.

It’s called Black.

Depression is black.
A vacuum attached to your heart,
every last speck of
violently sucked away,
leaving nothing but the
all consuming black,
in every corner,
every crevice,
every hole.
It’s not a grey shadow,
or a dark fog,
It’s a thick black tar
suffocating you
until breath is no more.
A smile is stiff,
a laugh, merely forced
Nothing can describe it
No definition can capture it completely
Only you can feel it.
Know it.
Loath it.
But powerless to do anything.


If you’re experiencing depression, please to talk to someone about it. Help is out there. You don’t need to go it alone. If you’re in Australia, consider Beyond Blue.