Bible’s Attitude to Rape

I recently had the privilege of delivering a seminar for the Priscilla and Aquila Centre of Moore Theological College, looking at the Bible’s attitude to rape. In the seminar, I looked at the laws pertaining to rape in Deuteronomy 22, as well as the narratives of 2 Samuel 13 (the rape of Tamar), Genesis 19 (Lot in Sodom), Genesis 34 (Dinah and Shechem), and Judges 19 (the rape of a concubine at Gibeah).

Video of the seminar is found here below.

What to look for in Theological Education

I firmly believe in theological education. After all, I’m a lecturer at a theological institution! But I am convinced that the Church needs good, solid, and theologically mindful leaders.

My colleague at Moore College, Michael Jensen, has put together some thoughts on what people should be looking for in theological education. Why do we need it? Who needs it? What should you avoid? What should you look for? You can read Michael’s thoughts at the Sydney Anglicans website. If you’re thinking of pursuing some kind of formal study, please have a read.

Restoring the Kingdom to Israel (Part One)

Moore Theological College has a new Faculty Blog called ThinkTank. Below you’ll find a link to the first of three short instalments that I’ve written on the subject ‘Restoring the Kingdom to Israel’. It considers some views about what this concept means biblically, especially as it arises from the disciples’ question to Jesus in Acts 1.6.

Restoring the Kingdom to Israel (Part One)

Happy Birthday Moore College!

If you would, permit me a moment of pride in one of my alma maters and the college at which I teach.

Today (March 1st, 2011) marks the 155th birthday of Moore Theological College. It was on  March 1st, 1856, that lectures first began at the college. Revd William Hodgson was the college’s first principal and on that first day there were three students. The college initially met on the site of colonist Thomas Moore‘s estate at Liverpool on the outskirts of Sydney (roughly where Liverpool Hospital is situated today). It continued to operate there until the college moved to the present site in the suburb of Newtown, adjacent to the University of Sydney, in 1891.

This makes Moore Theological College the second oldest tertiary institution in Australia (after the University of Sydney). Since opening, it has had twelve principals, and well over 3,000 graduates. We are about to graduate our next cohort of students at the Moore College Graduation, to be held at 7:30 pm on Thursday, March 17th, at the City Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney.

Happy Birthday Moore College!

Original Moore College Building at Liverpool, NSW.

The present day administration and library building at 1 King St, Newtown.

The Moore College of the Future? An artist's impression of the proposed development of 1 King St.