Singleness and Driscoll Drivel

This just in from the Facebook page of Mark Driscoll:

“I recently heard two guys in their 20s passionately arguing over which superhero is the best of all. I took the liberty of asking them if they were single. They were. Who saw that coming?”

Hmmm, so Driscoll is equating singleness with immaturity. Yeah, like that’s biblical! Nice one, Driscoll!

He may well be just joking, but his comment betrays an attitude that Driscoll is well-known for: disparaging singleness. Driscoll’s quote above demonstrates his own personal immaturity and how much he projects his own persona and preferences into his theology, which he then foists on others. Perhaps he was upset that the two young guys hadn’t considered him for the title?

DriscollFolks, don’t listen to this kind of drivel from Driscoll. Singleness should not be equated with immaturity. Immaturity should be equated with immaturity! What Driscoll says in the quote above is completely unbiblical and unhelpful.

And besides, a lighthearted debate between friends about which is the better superhero…so what! It’s no different really from friends debating which macho football team is better, which car gets more miles to the gallon, which restaurant serves the best steak, or which store stocks the best lipstick!

So, while we wait for an apology from Driscoll, let me just say to all my unmarried friends: I’m sorry there are jerks like this who disparage your status. But don’t worry—just stick to the Bible, which actually praises singleness. Mark Driscoll may disparage you, but God doesn’t.