What did Jesus look like?

This is a neat little piece of research by Joan E. Taylor for the ASOR (American School of Oriental Research) blog. To read the whole thing, you’ll have to sign up as a Friend of ASOR, which is free and painless—even a joy, if you’re into archaeology.You’ll generally only get a monthly notice for their blog. It’s worth it just for this blog article!

Here’s the link:

What did Jesus look like? – ASOR Blog.

1 thought on “What did Jesus look like?

  1. Another very good article George.

    I guess Jesus is depicted as a white guy because he was painted by white guys!
    This is a classic case of ethnocentrism, and it sure affects us all!!
    As you are well aware of from the movies, North America is the center of the world. If aliens come, they will arrive here, and will speak English complete with American accents of course!
    I have read your blog for a few years, and we have exchanged some words a few times on the net.
    I seen you speak one night on youtube on the subject of rape (good speech by the way) I had built a preconceived idea about you with my own cultural influences, and when you uttered your first word it shocked me for a moment-you had a foreign accent. It is not a very difficult concept, as you never hid your nationality, but my inner voice was reading your words.
    The difficulties we face when visualizing Jesus are so much more complex

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